Thank you for purchasing art through Art-O-Mat. This could be your first purchase of art or maybe your cheapest.

Whatever it is, Thank You!

If you bought one of my olives you’ll be glad to know you have a 100% earthenware piece of art. So far I have made 1,925 Olive key chains for the Art-o-mat project and I’d love to hear where you purchased your

Olive on the Go.

Contact me at or

My Olives have found their way to many cities around the country, here are just a few.

Smithsonian American Art Museum-Washington D.C.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Whitney Museum of American Art - New York City, NY

Ross Film Theatre - Lincoln, NE

The Cultural Affairs Department of Chicago-Chicago, IL

Tennessee  Performing Art - Tennessee

Studios of Key West - Key West, Florida

Mary’s Of Course - Winston-Salem, NC

Visitor’s Bureau - Winston-Salem, NC

Art 251 - Texas

Pacific University - Oregon

Southwest School of Arts and Crafts - San Antonio, TX

If you don’t have an Art-O-Mat machine near you and would like one of my “Olives on the Go” keychains, let me know. They are the same price as if you paid for one at the many Art-O-Mats around the country.

**Update...I’ve taken a break from producing art for the Art-O-Mat but I’m still selling “Olives on the Go”. **

$5 each + shipping & handling, Acrylic paint with hard outer coating, fired

$10 each + shipping & handling, Glass glazed coating, fired

Contact me at or

Contact me at


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